Remember to read the installation instructions!

Users of qwebirc

If you end up running a public qwebirc instance we'd love you to add yourself to our users of qwebirc list!


You can check out the source code using Mercurial:
hg clone <directory>
This will check out the unstable branch by default, you can switch to another branch by running:
hg up -C <branch>
You can then update to new versions just by typing:
hg pull
hg up

File downloads

We strongly recommend you check the source code out using Mercurial, this will allow you to update to later versions trivially, if you insist on downloading the following files are provided.

Latest unstable version (branch: default)

Latest stable version (branch: stable)

Your changes!

If you've made modifications we'd love to hear about them (and integrate them into our version!)
You can fork the project on bitbucket (and use the pull request feature), send us patches via IRC (see the IRC link) or email (development AT quakenet DOT org).