Debian and derivatives (i.e. Ubuntu, Mint)

Install the following packages:
  • python (must be at least 2.5).
  • python-twisted, python-twisted-bin, python-twisted-core, python-twisted-runner, python-twisted-names, python-twisted-mail, python-twisted-words and python-twisted-web (must be at least Twisted 8.2.0).
  • python-zope.interface (at least 8.2.0)
  • optional SSL support: python-openssl.
  • optional Javascript minimisation: openjdk-6.
  • optional efficient versioning: git.
... for lazy people, here's all that in one big apt-gettable list:
python python-twisted python-twisted-bin python-twisted-core python-twisted-runner python-twisted-names python-twisted-mail python-twisted-words python-twisted-web python-zope.interface python-openssl openjdk-6 git

Other UNIX like operating systems, i.e. other Linux distros (bar FreeBSD)

(note you might be able to install some of these via your OS package manager!)
Though qwebirc will work without them, it is highly recommended that you also have Java and git.


qwebirc has a FreeBSD port, in ports/irc/qwebirc, otherwise installation instructions are the same as for generic UNIX.


Make sure you download the packages for your version of Python -- we suggest 32-bit versions of all packages.